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Axial Flow Fans

Ranges up to 200,000 cu.m / hr with maximum pressure of 100 mm WG. Highly energy efficient and less noisy. Widely used for applications like fresh air ventilation, fumes exhaust, humidification, pressurized ventilation etc.

  • Aerofoil Bladed Adjustable Impeller
  • Impeller in various Material like Aluminium and Plastics
  • Capacity up to 1,80,000 m3 / hr and 1200 mm Pressure
  • Maximum Diameter of 1600 mmm

Centrifugal Blowers

Koshyma offers a wide range of latest generation centrifugal fans with tested and proven design and performance. The impellers are backward curve, aerofoil with stright blades. Highly efficient with less noise by virtue of blade design & volute casing. Well designed to meet high static pressures and high volumes, Our centrifugal fan's  handle higher dust concentrations, our fans airflow range up to 3,20,000 m3 / hr and Pressure up to 950 mm. The material of construction is optimal such as Mild Steel, rubber lined, FRP and Stainless Steel to suit their applications. Special wear-resistant lining is done to handle high abrasive dusts. All fans are tested as per I.S. specifications with comprehensive test rigs. The impellers are dynamically balanced as per standards to ensure vibration free, noiseless operations even at high speeds.

  • Various Types of Centrifugal Fans like Backward Curve, Aerofoil , Straight Blade
  • Efficiencies up to 80 %
  • Airflow up to 3,20,000 m3 / hr and Pressure up to 950 mm.
  • Fans in various Material of Construction like MS ,SS and PP


Unit Dust Collectors


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