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What is dynamic balancing?

Excessive vibration in rotating machinery can cause unacceptable levels of noise and, more importantly, substantially reduce the life of shaft bearings. Hence, the ideal would be to remove all causes of vibration and run the unit totally "smooth". Unfortunately, in practice, the ideal cannot be achieved and, whatever one does, some inherent cause of vibration, or unbalance, will remain.

The best one can do is to reduce this unbalance to a level that will not adversely effect the bearing life and will reduce noise levels to an acceptable level The process of reducing the out-of-balance forces that cause vibration in rotating machinery is called

"Balancing". The unbalance is caused by an effective displacement of the mass centre line from the true axis caused by some mass eccentricity in the unit


  • Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Equipments like Turbines ,Pumps, Alternators ,Pulleys.
  • Our Approach is from First Principles with Strong Theoretical Fundamentals.
  • Balancing as per ISO 1940 / 1-12003 ( E ) Standards with Accuracy of 0.2 gm. mm / kg .
  • Our Range of Jobs is from 1kg to 10000kg with Maximum Diameter of 4000 mm , Length 5000 mm and Speed up to 3000rpm.
  • High Speed Balancing with Maximum Speed of 3000 rpm, Length of 5000mm.Dia,4000 mm and Weight 1000 kg
  • Our balancing machines are of “SCHENCK” and “ABRO” make.

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